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Okoro and Company (W.A.) Ltd has over 20 years experience in Geophysical and Geological applications.
Our borehole camera is Ideal for:

Looking for Blockages in Water Wells
Geological Inspection and Logging
Viewing Sources of Contamination
Identifying Damaged Casings or Screens
Locating Lost Pumps or Tools
Inspecting Encrustations
Verifying the Success of Repairs and Cleaning Operations
Assisting in the Feasibility of Rehabilitating Old Wells

Our Borehole Video System is a complete CCTV inspection system. The system consists
1. Control Unit. Control the winch movement and camera lens rotation, with USB interface output to notebook
2. Camera with resolution of 0.1mm
3. Electric winch with Cable. Maximum length up to max 600 meters.
4. Display Unit: TV monitor or Notebook, with depth display , time display.